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  • Price : usd 39.99    usd 29.99
  • Bar Code : 8.9028E+12
  • Time : 01:07:00
  • Date : 2011-06-06
  • No Of Discs : 1
  • Directors : ARJUN SABLOK
  • Music Directors : SALIM SULAIMAN
  • Company : YASH RAJ
  • Genre : DRAMA
  • Language : HINDI
  • Nature : DVD
  • Stock : Available
Description : Gurneal -Neal- Ahluwallia lives in Oliver, BC, Canada with his mom, a housewife and dad, a ranch owner, originally from Punjab, India. Since Gurneal has come of age, his parents want him to get married to a girl named Sweety, strongly recommended by their family Guru, Gyaniji. Since Gurneal does not trust his taste in women, he accepts his parents  choice, but wants to spend some time on his own with other women before his marriage. Since his marriage is to take place after 21 days, Gurneal plans to spend time with 21 different women. He travels to big city Vancouver, and meets with gorgeous model, Kristy. His meeting is interrupted by a drunken young woman named Nikita -Nikki- Bakshi. No matter how much he tries to avoid her, they keep on running into each other. Finally, Nikita informs Gurneal that the real reason she is interested in him is to make her former boyfriend, Trish, a French-speaking male model, jealous. She and Gurneal do make him jealous, so much so that he is ready to drop his current girlfriend, Amanda, in order to be back with Nikita. It is then Nikita dumps him. Her revenge over, she wants to assist Gurneal in having fun - but both end up falling in love. Misunderstandings soon arise between them and they separate. Shortly thereafter, Gurneal returns home, meets with pretty Sweety and agrees to marry her. It is then that he finds out that Sweety s cousin is none other than Nikita. The question is will Gurneal go through this marriage with Sweety?

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