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  • Image Not Available
  • Price : usd 19.99    usd 7.99
  • Time : 04:21:00
  • Date : 2012-01-25
  • No Of Discs : 1
  • Directors : NEERAJ VORA
  • Music Directors : SANJEEV DARSHAN
  • Company : MOSER BEAR
  • Genre : MOVIE
  • Language : HINDI
  • Nature : DVD
  • Stock : Unavailable
Description : Shyam Prasad Bhardwaj is a multi-millionaire industrialist, and his business is spread worldwide. He has a daughter, Ritu, who is of marriageable age. He hires Dev Kumar to work for him, and is impressed with the way Dev s handles himself. Shyam would like Ritu and Dev to get married. After Shyam suddenly passes away, Ritu and Dev get married to fulfill Shyam s wishes. It is after this marriage that Ritu finds out that her marriage to Dev is a nightmare, as the real Dev surfaces - a Dev who is involved in debt with local gangsters, and who may also be responsible for killing her dad.

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