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  • Image Not Available
  • Price : usd 19.99    usd 8.49
  • Subtitle : ENGLISH
  • No Of Discs : 1
  • Music Directors : VISHAL SHEKHAR
  • Region : NTSC
  • Company : TIME
  • Genre : ROMANTIC
  • Nature : DVD
  • DVD Type : 1
  • Directors : SUJOY GHOSH
  • Stock : Available
Description :

The jobs of -Sholay- obsessed Deep and Rishi are on the line with their advertising firm if they do not come up with a one-liner for Mr. Roy s condoms. While Deep resides with his pregnant wife, Shanti, and a daughter, Muskaan; Rishi has separated from his wife, Nicki, and depends on Shanti for meals, apprehending a bitter divorce. When the time comes close to delivering her child, Shanti s mom moves in them temporarily, much to the chagrin of Deep. Shanti would like Nicki and Rishi to meet and patch-up their differences, however, Rishi knows that Nicki is having an affair with her attorney, and is not inclined in this direction. The main obsession for Deep and Rishi is Bollywood s music maestro, Rahul Dev Burman, they had competed to win for two years, albeit in vain, for the annual contest called -Jhankaar Beats-. With the deadline for Mr. Roy s one-liner closing in, Rishi gets an offer to work in America, leaving Deep and their new band partner, Indraneel Kapoor, their boss �son, to deal with the next -Jhankaar Beats-.

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