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BENGALI CLASSICS (10028) 3-IN-1 - English

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  • Price : usd 19.99    usd 7.99
  • ISBN : 9788184821581
  • Binding : PAPERBACK
  • Publish Date : 01-09-2008
  • No Of Pages : 96
  • Language : ENGLISH
  • Author : ANANT PAI
  • Publisher : AMAR CHITRA KATHA
  • Stock : Unavailable
Description :

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay (1838-1894) is considerd to be one of the greatest writers in the worls of Bengali literature. This Amar Chitra Katha volume presents three of his famous stories.

The first, Ananda Math, is considered to be a milestone in the history of modern fiction in india. It received such wide acclaim in the late 19th century that Bankim Chandra, it's author, was reffered to as the walter scott of india. This story vividly depicts the strugglle for freedom in 1773 Bengali. in the face of all the misery, one man named Satyananda yearned for truth, justice and freedom. Translations of this story appeared in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and Urdu. The song Vande Mataram, which Bankim Chandra first wrote in this novel, echoed through the Indian freedom movement: during the Non-cooperation movement the song was heard on the lips of many, while they braved the lathis of the British police force.

Bankim Chandra wrote Kapala Kundala when he was only 28 years old. The name Kapala Kundala has been taken from the Sanskrit play, Malati-Madhava . In the play, Kapala is the associate of the evil kapalik, Aghora Ghanta, and she is as heinous as her mentor. But although our heroine in Kapal Kundala was also brought up by an evil kapalik, she is full human affection and kindness. While presenting this fascinating tale of romance, certain events and characters have been omitted and the story has been modified to make it suitable for children.

The third story Devi Choudhurani is an enthralling, adventurous and romantic story. Both Devi Choudhurani and her mentor, Bhavani Pathak, are historical characters who figure in the report of Lieutenant Brennan, quoted by hunter in his 'Statistical Account of Bengali'. There is no historical explanation of what converted the young, vulnerable prafulla into the great Devi Choudhurani in the first place, and what made her give it up later. However, Bankim Chandra's fertile imagination has provided answers to these puzzling questions in his noval, on which our tale is based.

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